Gayathri Milk Dairy Private Limited (GMD), established in 2004 is engaged in the business of Milk and Milk Products. It’s main activities are Milk Procurement, Milk Processing, Milk Packing and Milk Products Manufacturing and Selling of Milk and Milk Products. The turnover of Company is expected to Cross 300 Crores rupees during 2019 – 2020.

The Main promoter of the Company is Mr. P. Sreenivasa Reddy– Chairman of GMD,  from a well-known family in Ananthpur – Andhara Pradesh.

Board of Directors:  

Mr. Nithyananda Reddy

Mr. Yogananda Reddy

Mr. Padmanabha Reddy

Mr. Suryanarayana Reddy

Procurement of Milk:

GMD is presently procuring about 2.0Lakh liters of milk per day both including Buffalo milk and Cow milk through 3000 Milk Collection Centers at Village level. The Milk Collected at the collection centers is brought to the Chilling centers and Main Dairy Plant for chilling it to below 5 c. Then this milk is processed at the processing plants located at  Ananthapur, Hydearabad ( Shadnagar  Plant ) and Guntur . We are having 15 milk chilling centers located in different parts of Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka & Tamil Nadu  in addition our dairy is having tie-up with 4 other milk chilling centers to meet out our requirement.

Milk processing and Milk Products Manufacture:

We have Three Packing Units located at Ananthapur, Hyderabad (Shadnagar ) and Guntur. The raw chilled milk received at processing units is homogenized, pasteurized and standardized to four types of Milks (TM, DTM, STD & FCM) and packed in polythene film under hygienic condition.

Processing capacities of our Units:

Location Capacity
Ananthapur 200,000LPD
Hyderabad ( Shadnagar ) 200,000LPD
Guntur 50,000LPD

We are manufacturing milk products like Milk, Ghee, Curd, Lassi, Cup Curd ButterMilk, Sterilized flavoured Milk, Ice Creams, DoodhPeda and Paneer.


The marketing operations of  Gayathri Milk Dairy Private Limited was started at Ananthapur  in 2002 and was expanded to Hyderabad and some of the district hear quarters of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana during the year of 2005. The present liquid milk sales of 170,000 LPD.

We are marketing our Milk and Milk Products  throughout Andhara Pradesh, Telanagana and Karnataka.

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